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Structure Fire at the Reading Hospital Laundry
Friday, August 30, 2013 
At 1351 Company 85 was dispatched to assist Co#64 with a reported structure fire at the Reading Hospital Laundry Building. Engine 85-2 arrived found fire showing from the 5th Ave side of the building.  Two hand lines were stretched off Engine 85-2 into the building to extinguish the fire.

Throughout the day the Company responded to four other calls.

0926-AFA at Hoffman Industries Assisting Co#18

0937- Investigate alarm bells sounding at Friendlys on Penn Ave

1154-MVA Snyder Rd & Wellington Blvd

2044-AFA at the Inn at Reading Assisting Co#79

2nd Alarm Structure Fire Assisting Co#18
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
At 0242 Company 85 was dispatched to Assist Co#18 with a House Fire in the 1200bl of Sportsman Rd in South Heidelberg Twp.  Crews assisted with Fire Attack and checking for extension.  Tanker 85 responded also as part of the Zone 4 Tanker Task Force and also Rehab 85.  Company 85 units operated on scene until approx 0430.

Through out the day the Company responded to four other calls

0021- OIC Detail

1345- QRS for a Pediatric Resp. Arrest

1538- Commercial Fire Alarm on Century Blvd

2325- Residential Structure Fire with Entrapment E.Mohn St in the Borough of Mohnton. Assisting Co#57.  Company was cancelled en route.

Sportsman Rd
    Sportsman Rd
RIT response for a Working Barn Fire
Sunday, August 25, 2013
At 2358 Company 85 RIT was sent to Upper Van Reed Rd in Bern Twp. to Assist Co#55 with a working Barn Fire.  RIT Stoodby without incident until released by Command.  Fire Police assisted with traffic control.

Yet another busy day for the 85 House
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 
Tuesday was another busy day for the 85 House with a total of seven calls throughout the day.

0111- Accident with injuries Shillington & Spohn Rd

0815- Vehicle Fire in front of 22 Spring Crest Blvd. Assisting Co#18

0854-AFA at the Berkshire Mall. Assisting Co#79

1012- Vehicle FIre Gring Dr and Cypress Lane. Handled by Co#79

1014-Dryer Fire 2303 Lasalle Dr. Fire Out Upon Arrival

1326-AFA 320 Lynne Ave Assisting Co#79

2051-AFA/Malfunctioning Elevator 2607 Keiser Blvd

Four Calls in Two Hours
Saturday, August 17, 2013
1801- Accident with injuries Van Reed & Papermill Rd. SUV off the road into a tree.

1816- Vehicle Fire Rt 422/Papermill Rd Assisting Co#79

2000-RIT Responses to Gernants Church Rd

2046-QRS for attempted Suicide at the Fulton Bank

Busy Thursday
Thursday, August 15, 2013 
Thursday afternoon into the late evening was busy for the 85 House, running a total of six calls between 1351-2347.

1351- MVA w/Fire 1600bl State Hill Rd. Assisting Co#79

1456- Residential Fire Alarm 1500bl Meadowlark Rd. Assisting Co#79

1642- MVA 2400bl of Penn Ave

1658-AFA at Russos Market Assisting Co#79

2214- MVA Shillington Rd & Shakespeare Dr

2349-AFA at Penn State Berks

Structure Fire at Manorcare West Reading
Thursday, August 8, 2013
At 1932 Company 85 was dispatched to assist Co#64 with a possible structure fire at Manorcare West Reading.  Smoke Condition on the 4th floor.  85 crew stoodby in manpower pool until released by Command. 

Company 85 responded to two other calls throughout the day. 0016-AFA at the Berkshire Mall assisting Co#79  1114- AFA 422 Douglass St assisting Co#79.

Kitchen Fire at the Lincoln Park Apartments
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 
At 1506 Company 85, E-79, RE36, E42, E69, L18, L57 R64 (RIT) 650 (EMS) were dispatched to the Lincoln Park Apartments for a reported kitchen fire. Fire was caused by careless cooking, which extended into the over head cabinets and microwave.

Throughout the day the Company responded to three other calls. 

0645- MVA with Unknown Injuries 2700bl of N. Meridian Blvd

1026- AFA at the Goddard School on Commerce Dr

2304-AFA 500bl of Arrowhead Trail

Three calls to start out the work week
Monday, August 5, 2013 
1530- Accident with Injuries Mt. Home Rd & Columbia Ave Assist to Co#18

1651- Tree & Wires down.  Harvard Blvd & Princeton Ave

1817- Structure Fire at Western Berks FD Station#2.  Fire in the ceiling. 

Five Minor Calls
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 
The 85 House responded to five minor calls throughout the day starting just after midnight.

0001- Brush Fire on Nicole Way

0731-Accident with fluids down Shillington and Spohn Rd

0748- Accident Penn & Woodside

1048- Accident Unknown Injuries 2600bl of Shillington Rd

1545- Cat Rescue from a tree. Keppel Ave

Shillington & Spohn
    Shillington & Spohn
Tree into Apartment Building
Saturday, July 27, 2013 
At 0917-Companies 79, 85, 64 and 650 were dispatched to the Cambridge Commons Apartments for a large tree into the building with possible entrapment.  Units arrived on scene found a large tree into the back of one of the buildings. All Residents were accounted for. Later in the day at 1231 the Company responded to a oven fire on Persimmon Dr

Five calls to end the busy week
Friday, July 26, 2013 
The 85 House ended the busy week with five calls.

1207-QRS response for a Cardiac Arrest 2700bl of Papermill Rd

1513-AFA/Structure Fire 2900bl of Grandview Blvd. Burnt Food

1536-Odor of oil inside a residence 2000bl of Redwood Ave

1743-Commercial Fire Alarm at Friendlys Restaurant

1805-AFA at the Highlands of Wyomissing Assisting Co#79

Grandview Blvd
    Grandview Blvd
Redwood Ave
    Redwood Ave
Accident with Minor Injuries
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 
At 1804 Companies 85 & 650 were dispatched to Wyoming Dr & Iroquois Ave for a reported accident with injuries. Chief 85 arrived on scene and reported 3-Injuries and fluids down.  EMS treated the injured parties, oil dry was applied to the fluids down. Fire Police assisted with traffic control.

The Company responded to one other call earlier in the day at 0636 to St Albans Church for a Fire Alarm activation.

16 Calls in a little over 24 Hours
Monday, July 22, 2013 
From 1245 on 7/22 until 2107 on 7/23 the 85 House was kept busy running a total of 16 calls.


1245- QRS Response to Austins Restaurant

2103- RIT Response to Oak Circle in Bern Twp. for a house struck by lighting, confirmed WORKING FIRE.

2211-QRS Response to Concord Rd.

2343-Pole Fire Blimline & Old Lancaster Pike

2354- Commercial Fire Alarm on Century Blvd


0057-Structure Fire Vermont Rd Assisting Co#42

0222-Accident with Entrapment and Possible Fatality. Originally dispatched as Penn & Morewood in Spring Twp. Accident located in Wyomissing Borough where Rt 222 N/B merges with E/B 422. Three vehicles, multiple injuries and 1-Fatality.  Rescue/Engine 85 stoodby to assist with lighting while PD investigated, then with the assistance of Engine 79's Crew. Extricated the fatality.

0255- AFA 100 N Park Rd Covering for Co#79

0702-Accident unknown Rt 222 N/B near Rt. 724

0901-Accident unknown Penn & Dwight St

1039-AFA 928 Penn Ave Assisting Co#79

1307- Accident with Injuries 1700bl of Van Reed Rd.  

1625- Vehicle Fire at 1101 Woodland Rd. Assisting Co#79

1655-Stove fire 3037 Octagon Ave

2054-AFA Stoneridge Rd

2107-QRS Reading Blvd

Another Certified Firefighter
Monday, July 22, 2013 
Congratulations to Mike Wertz Jr for successfully Passing his Firefigher 1. Job Well Done.


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